Corral Your Wild Horses with Heritage 'Pony Package' for 2018 Ford Mustang


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The Pony Package, available on EcoBoost models of the 2018 Ford Mustang, pays homage to the nameplate's history by putting the running horse emblem back in its chrome corral.

When the Mustang was first introduced in 1965, it was this pony-in-corral logo that appeared on its grille. Eventually, the chrome border fell away from the design, though it has been seen as recently as 2015 for the 50-year Anniversary Package. It's returning again for 2018, for drivers who want to give their brand-new pony car a classic flair.

Is it wrong to cage a wild horse? Though the original 1965 Mustang emblem became known as the "pony-in-corral," the designers saw it simply as a border, not a fence. In fact, they were so dedicated to the horse being undomesticated, they specifically made it facing left—right-facing concepts too strongly resembled a horse running on a racetrack. The mustang running to the left is wild and free, pointing westward toward the American frontier.

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