3 Reasons Why You Really Need to Wash Your Car

There are three fundamental reasons for washing your car:
  1. The first is to clean off all the crap that can stick to various parts of your car any road tar. Some examples are bits of road tar, tree sap, flatten bugs and bird droppings. All of these are substances that can lead to corrosion and lessen the value of your car when you go to trade it in or sell it.
  2. When you walk to your car across some parking lot you want to see a car that is pleasantly appealing; a nice clean, sharp looking vehicle that gives you a little lift versus a dirty car that looks forgotten or even sad.
  3. People you meet, be it for the first time or someone you've known for a while, or going to think that the appearance of your car is a reflection on how you handle other aspects of your life.
Washing your car, whether you use a 'Drive Thur Car Wash' or just pick a sunny day and do it in your driveway, will benefit you in more ways than one.
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