There are three basic types of tires. There is a lot of information out there regarding the abilities of each type of tire, and which type of tires are best in certain conditions. At Clinton Auto Group, we are committed to continuing empowering our clients with the facts regarding the different type of tires. The following is a comparison between the capabilities of the three tires.
  • Handling: The summer tire offers the best handling experience in warm, dry weather while the winter tires offer the best handling in freezing weather. This leaves the all-season tires providing average handling capabilities.
  • Braking: Summer tires are best on dry pavement, but worst when there is snow on the ground. Winter tires have the least braking capability on dry pavement, but are the best on snow and ice.
  • Ride Comfort: Winter tires, with their thick sidewalls, offer the plushest ride, followed by the all-season tires. Summer tires tend to have a lower profile, and may be designed to increase "road feel" on performance cars.
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